Finding low cost dentistry in your city

If you’re like the thousands of individuals who would love to go to the dentists, but just can’t afford the appointments then this website was built just for you!

Not everyone has access to dental care and that is a tragedy.

According to some statistics there are over 31% of adults 20 to 44 years old who have some form of untreated oral issue.

Most of these people would love to go to the dentist to get their problem taken care of, but due to finances they are unable to.

We are attempting to put together a list of dentists who are affordable, but still provide excellent care.

We are currently in the gathering phase, but as we come across these dentists we will be sure to post them here on the site.

We will also be sharing valuable dental information that can help you keep your oral health in pristine condition and many times avoid the dentist all together.

We look forward to serving you through this site!